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            We can NO LONGER ship Sturdi Products




Everything you need for grooming at wholesale prices.


Groomers, Breeders and Show exhibitors call us

“Their Pet Candy Store.”


Hundreds of pet supplies, grooming products, and pet toys.

We stock:

Combs by:  Classic

Brushes by: PSI and Vista (Doggyman) 

Carriers by: Sturdi Products.

Deodorizers by:  X-O      

Disinfectants by: Air-Kem A-33

Dryers and Fans by: Metro

Eye stain removers by: Bio-Groom,

Powders and chalks by: Cherry Knoll, Diamond Dust

Security cages by: General Cage, Sturdi Products

Shampoos and conditioners by: F1R2, Bio-Groom,

                                                       Ring5, EZ-Groom                                                                                                                       

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                  We can NO LONGER ship Sturdi Products






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